WingX Pro7 for iPad
Frequently Asked Questions

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GPS Reception

Does the iPad have a built-in GPS and is it a real GPS receiver?

Yes and yes.  There is a lot of mis-information about this.  Here's the bottom-line:

Which external GPS Receivers are compatible with WingX Pro7?

The plug-in Bad Elf, and Bluetooth GNS 5870 and DUAL GPS receivers are supported.  Here's the deal, the iPad supports these receivers not the applications, so any GPS application will work with these two external receivers.

Why do I see No GPS? Other apps seem to work fine.

The iPhone/iPad probably turned off Location Services for WingX Pro7. To fix the problem, go to Settings (the main device settings, not within WingX Pro7), then select Location Services and ensure Location Services and WingX Pro7 are both on.

ADS-B InFlight Weather

Do I need to buy an ADS-B Receiver to get ADS-B Information?

Yes.  The iPad by itself cannot receive ADS-B information.

Which ADS-B Receiver works with WingX Pro7?

WingX Pro7 is currently compatible with the SkyRadar ADS-B receiver (  We do anticipate more options becoming available over the next few weeks.

How does the SkyRadar ADS-B receiver connect to the iPad?

WiFi, not Bluetooth. The great advantage with using WiFi is that more than one iPad running WingX Pro7 can connect to one SkyRadar ADS-B receiver.

How do I setup the SkyRadar ADS-B receiver?

Why do the Sectionals and IFR Enroute charts look really faded?

If you have selected ADS-B NEXRAD to be displayed on the moving map, WingX Pro7 will fade all areas for which the NEXRAD has not been received.  When WingX Pro7 receives ADS-B NEXRAD, it fill in these areas with NEXRAD and makes the charts visible as you would expect.  A faded chart means that no NEXRAD has been received for that area.

NOTE: If you don't have an ADS-B receiver or ADS-B reception, we recommend turning off the ADS RADAR settings under Options on the Moving Map.

Geo-Referenced Approach Charts

Seattle Avionics ChartData Subscription (Geo-Referencing)

WiFi Configurations

Can I connect all external devices simultaneously?

WingX Pro7 can interface with several external hardware devices, but not all simultaneously. The following combinations are currently possible:

Crash Logs

Sending crash reports from iPad or iPhone

Yes, even we sometimes have bugs in our software. :) To find a crash log that will really help us find and fix the bug, click here and follow the steps. Thank you!

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