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" My wife and I were traveling in our Baron across the country to visit our daughter in Dallas. I had planned the trip and checked weather. Unfortunately as so often happens the weather did not follow the script. We found ourselves with massive thunderstorms blocking our way. So began the search while in the air for an alternate route to get around these storms. We determined by traveling much further south, we could navigate around the weather. Only I now had a concern for fuel. The most prudent stop for us would be in MS. Weather was IMC thru out the area and we would need to make an instrument approach to whatever airport I selected. This was of no concern until after re-filing our route I determined that I did not have the approach plates on board for this area. At the same time ATC gave us a new clearance which included a STAR.

I was now trying to decide the best way to avoid showing up stupid and yet getting the approach plates plus STAR. Our Garmin radios had all the approaches already loaded in memory so it was now a matter of getting the decent profile. My wife must have seen the look on my face and asked what was wrong. I tried to explain to her my dilemma and she said: "Didn't you buy that software for your phone that has all the charts"? It was like a flare going off, and I now recalled that I did. Sure enough there on my blackberry was all I needed for the approach. No need to say anymore about my lack of planning and charts.

As I was feeling good about this, a sudden dark thought crossed my mind. What about that STAR clearance. I was about to use: "My co-pilot spilled coffee all over it" to ATC, when I remembered your software also had the arrival and departure plates. So I thank you and the team for having saved my bacon and self esteem. I can not imagine any pilot not using your software with a cell phone to always have everything on board for everywhere in USA. " - Roger
" WingX an already amazing application runs faster then ever on the new Samsung i760 from Verizon. I have tested WingX on many Pocket PCs and the performance of it on the i760 is the very best yet with no lag time. No pilot should be without WingX - one of the best contributions to general aviation since the airplane. " - Eli
" I have been asked on more than one occasion by many pilots what options are available in regards to wireless electronic flight bags.

I have tried a few, but nothing I have either seen demonstrated or have actually used compares to WingX from Hilton Software. I just loaded the Premiere Edition onto my Motorola Q. The reality of this hand-held option is that I see significant benefit and a cost-effective alternate solution to more expensive solutions as well as a solution that would compliment beautifully with current hardware items (such as those owning a Garmin 496). " - David C.
" My business requires me to travel to small towns in Central and Northern Indiana. Many of the airports are very small and don't have resources for computer or internet access. Some that do have internet capability are closed when I get there, either too early in the morning or too late in the afternoon. It used to be a real challenge to find weather updates and I was always left wondering exactly what was in front of me.

Not anymore! Hilton has changed my world! Anytime, anywhere! I've the most current weather, maps & airport information you could hope to have. Last week unexpected bad weather stopped a few from leaving an airport. The other pilots were on the phone to various places trying to get updated weather, some even canceling their appointments and heading for a motel. I pulled out my WingX. In 10 minutes I had others crowded around me as we monitored the weather and made new plans. Needless to say, I made it home safely that night.

Thank you for your terrific product. " - Bill B.
"I refer it because I believe in it and love it." - Gregg T.
"WingX is a must have for any pilot, I can't imagine how things would be without it. Really, thank you for creating it. It is AMAZING!" - Reuben C.
"I really think what you all have going on is awesome, it is so much more helpful than WSI weather, or even a briefer sometimes. Thanks for a great product and can't wait until the next update!" - Chris A. (CFI, MEI, AGI, King Air 200 and a C-500)
"What you all have created is out of this world. The weather is so much easier to read and understand than any other weather reporting device. Thanks for the great work and great price." - Mark E.
"I just finished an east coast trip with my new 6700 phone and your software. What a great combo. I decided to see if I could do without my laptop altogether and it worked beautifully. The 6700 has a great screen which is very readable in the cockpit and out, plus it has wifi capability which most phones don't have, that allows for even more timely downloads of charts and wx products. Your software worked great, and got me out of a pinch with an arrival into Pittsburgh that wasn't listed for my destination airport. I was able to quickly pull up a nearby airport and check out the arrival procedure. It kind of makes one wonder how we ever flew without all this information right at our fingertips. The DUATS function worked great, in fact every flight plan I filed was through your program without flaw. Getting the briefing and filing through your program saved me time and energy in preparing for each flight.

Before I left for North Carolina I was with a student headed for Oakland from Salinas, we were planning on heading to Half Moon Bay after Oakland but it looked as though the fog was moving in. Your program made it so easy to get a number and call and check the ASOS at Half Moon, way easier than fumbling through the little green AFD. Take pride in your software's ergonomics, I love it." - Erick T.
"I upgraded today to latest WingX Version 2.5 and it seems to work fine. Love the TFRs!
WingX alerted me to a brand new one that will be near my destination next Monday before I got the word from AOPA or NBAA.

I have used Jeppesen's JeppView/FliteDeck program for years on a Windows tablet EFB while flying jets. I also recently purchased True Flight's program installed on a
Samsung Q1 UMPC for my antique light plane. Your program is more fun than either of them! None of these perform exactly the same functions, but you certainly
offer some features that the more expensive programs don't. Plus, I always have WingX with me on my Pocket PC cell phone for planning,
reference and advisories.

I am always excited when I see a new email message from Hilton Software, because I never know what great new feature you are introducing.
Keep up the good work! " - Richard R.
"I thought I would share a story about WingX and how it got me home. I do volunteer work for Angel Flight. On a Friday afternoon, I received a last minute call from
Angel Flight West. A cancer patient's transportation had fallen through and they were looking for transport from Livermore to Eureka Murray Airport.
It was VFR in Livermore but IFR in the Eureka area. I was able to leave work a bit early and take the flight.

The flight to Eureka-Murray was uneventful but the descent and approach to the airport was through several layers of clouds. It would not have been possible to arrive (or depart) VFR. The ceiling directly over the airport was about three thousand feet. After arriving, I starting the planning for the return flight.

It was about 5:30 in the afternoon and no one was at the airport and there was no outside pay phone. I tried to call flight service on my cell phone but this was shortly
after the transition to Lockheed-Martin. After being on hold for 20 minutes (and after being disconnected twice), I began to wonder how the heck I was going to get home.
It then struck me; shortly before leaving, I had downloaded the latest WingX software with the ability to file flight plans with DUATS. I pulled up the form and filed my
IFR flight plan back to Livermore. It was pretty easy to do. In addition, I was able to double check the weather to make sure that nothing significant had
changed between the time that I had arrived and my anticipated departure time.

After filing, I started up, taxied to the end of the runway. I was able to contact Center at the end of the runway and voila, they had my clearance for me ready to go.
I took off and climbed IFR out of the Eureka area and had an uneventful flight home.  Seriously, thanks for making such a great product and thanks for getting me home!

Without WingX, I might still be on hold with FSS." - Phil B.

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