WingX Pro7 for iPad and iPhone

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WingX Pro7 Includes GPS-based Moving Map with WingX Pro7's unique split view and terrain overlays, VFR Sectionals, IFR Low/High enroute charts, AeroNav approach charts and geo-referenced airport diagrams, Route Planning, DUATS, ADS-B support, and much more. $99.99
WingX Pro7 with ChartData Includes WingX Pro7, approach charts are geo-referenced; i.e. you will see your aircraft on the approach charts. $174.99
WingX Pro7 with Synthetic Vision Includes WingX Pro7 with 3D Synthetic Vision (includes obstacles, runways, water etc $199.99
WingX Pro7 with ChartData, Synthetic Vision, and Fuel Prices Includes the above options and fuel prices (cheapest fuel searchable in-flight) $299.99

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